European Card Acquiring Forum (ECAF) 2016


ECAF is a very focused discussion platform and think tank of major acquirers, global merchants, recognized experts, processors, regulators and schemes and represents the biggest and most esteemed card acquiring event in Europe and beyond.

Meeting on a regular annual basis, senior-level executives in charge of card acceptance business attend the European Card Acquiring Forum to discuss both strategic and daily operational issues to move the industry forward.

Entering its 9th year of continuous growth, the ECAF is an excellent meeting ground for both knowledge and business seeking organizations active on card market...

As of 2012, the international acquiring forum of ECAF became an integral part of Merchant Payments Ecosystem, representing the ultimate one-stop event for merchant payments at POS. The Merchant Payment Ecosystem (MPE) spans over three days and completely covers all three payment acceptance areas at merchant point of sale: in-store, online & mobile.

Except for the excellent conference and expo, you can also join us in our search for the best performers and innovators in the payment acceptance arena, people and firms that have significantly contributed to the development of in-store, online and mobile payment acceptance in Europe and worldwide. Take a part or recommend a company/personality, which, according to your opinion, deserves better recognition or honour. Please click on the MPE Banner on the right side of this page to get more information...


There are several challenges in cross border acquiring connected with needs of multinational merchants: acceptance of all relevant payment cards, consolidated payment flows, low purchase prices for POS solutions and infrastructure, and inexpensive processing costs.

In order to address them properly supply side has to cope with market obstacles like: the presence of 13 domestic schemes across Europe not co-branded with international brands of VISA or MasterCard scheme, different level of PSD implementation in Europe.


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February 2016

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